Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Guided Reading Level: K
Lexile Level: 580L
Book ISBN: 978-0-874838-56-5

This story provides another classic African folktale about the trickster spider Anansí. First off, it is a custom that whenever a guest arrives at mealtime that the host share his or her food with the guest, whether the visitor is invited or shows up uninvited. In this folktale, Anansí learns that Turtle is coming over and that he must share his dinner with Turtle. Being the trickster that he is, Anansí figures out a way to trick Turtle so that he can keep all of the food for himself. Of course, when Turtle realizes what Anansí has done, he is determined to teach Anansí a lesson. 


In this trickster tale from Africa, Bobby and Sherry Norfolk retell the story of how Anansí learns the value of being a good host. He also learns a lesson from the old saying, "What goes around, comes around. “ Anansí believes that he is tricking Turtle and keeping all of the dinner for himself but instead finds that the tables have turned on him. The story demonstrates valuable life lessons in character values about being fair and sharing with others while also showing respect to our guests.


Anansi and Turtle go to DinnerAnansi and Turtle go to DinnerAnansi and Turtle go to Dinner


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