Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Guided Reading Level: I
Lexile Level: 520L
Book ISBN: 978-0-874838-80-0

The Well of Truth is a humorous Egyptian folktale told by Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton about three great friends, Goat, Rooster, and Donkey. All three friends love the sweet taste of clover. One day, they decide to try their hand at farming, and they plant an entire field of clover. They patiently tend to the field and wait for the crop to grow large enough to harvest. Unfortunately, Donkey becomes impatient and one night sneaks out into the field to taste the clover. However, he can't stop at just a taste and eventually eats the entire field. The friends wake up to find the field wiped out and accuse Donkey, who of course denies eating the clover. They all agree to go to the Well of Truth to find out who actually ate the clover, and the Donkey’s guilt is exposed.


In this cautionary tale, Donkey learns the price of being greedy and violating the trust of his friends. He discovers that in the end, the truth will always come out, even if it is from the bottom of a well. This classic Egyptian folktale teaches valuable life lessons in character values about sharing good fortune, taking responsibility for our actions, as well as being fair and trustworthy with others.


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