Interest Level: Ages 4-8
Guided Reading Level: I
Lexile Level: 510L
Book ISBN: 978-0-874838-78-7

The Archer and the Sun is an ancient story from China. It tells the legend of a time when there were many suns in the sky and it was miserably hot. The people got together to come up with a solution to make their living conditions more hospitable. They decided to call upon the best archer in the land to come and shoot down all of the suns except for one. As a result, the remaining sun naturally became afraid of the archer and hid behind a mountain, leaving the world cold and dark. Then the people had to devise a plan to get the sun to come back from hiding and after several failed attempts, they found a solution.


Retold by Rob Cleveland, The Archer and the Sun helps explain why the sun comes up in the morning and goes down at night. This timeless tale from the Chinese oral tradition provides valuable life lessons about sharing and how to be resourceful in challenging situations. We also learn why a certain farm animal is always there to greet the sun every morning when it rises.


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